Slave Free Alliance

Our partnership ensures our business and supply chain are ethically correct

Slave Free Alliance

The Slave Free Alliance helps organisations and businesses of all sizes manage the threat of modern slavery within supply chains and we are delighted to become the first member of the Slave Free Alliance within the logistics sector.


Slave Alliance is a social enterprise and was set up by anti-slavery charity Hope for Justice in April 2018, to support those who find themselves vulnerable to modern slavery conditions . As a large business operating over 50 sites across the country, we are determined that all of our colleagues are treated fairly and receive at minimum, the National minimum wage, work in safe and humane conditions and are not forced to work extended hours, which impact their health and wellbeing.

The Global Slavery Index has identified that there are 146,000 people living within modern slavery and we are proud to be associated with the Alliance. This partnership will help us to ensure our own business and our supply chain are completely compliant with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and support the Slave Alliance’s vision to ‘bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.

Sam Holden, Chief Commercial Officer at Yodel says "Imagine creating a workplace where asking for help and support isn’t viewed as weak. An environment in which we stand firm on a zero tolerance to exploitation of people. A culture whereby values matter and encouraging each other is a given. A governance methodology by which any information received or reported relating to vulnerability within our teams is reported and investigated with measured prevention in our action plans. We are committed to working both internally and externally to raise awareness and protect our organisation from the growing threat of modern slavery."

Learn more about Slave Free Alliance here


We would like to thank Yodel for taking this important step by becoming a member of Slave-Free Alliance. We hope this first for the logistics sector encourages other organisations to get involved, both to ensure industry supply chains are protected against modern slavery and to assist in the wider global fight against trafficking and exploitative forced labour. We look forward to working closely with Yodel.

Marc Stanton Director of Slave-Free Alliance