Understanding your Yodel tracking

Where is my parcel?

You can track your delivery online. Simply enter your parcel tracking number and delivery postcode, or get delivery updates on the go and download the Yodel app.

If you are expecting a PS5 delivery from GAME and haven't received a Yodel tracking number then unfortunately we haven't received your parcel. Please get in touch with the GAME customer service team for more information.


What our tracking means: tracking stages explained

Here is a guide to understanding the different stages that your parcel tracking will show:

With Sender or Awaiting Collection:

For deliveries: this is one of the first tracking events you will see. We know there is a parcel on the way but we haven't yet received it from your sender.

For collections: this can also show if we’re due to pick up a parcel from you but haven’t collected it yet.

Left Sender or Collected:

For deliveries: The sender has shipped the parcel and its on its way to us. 

For collections: you may also see this once we’ve collected your parcel.

At Yodel Depot:

This means that we have received your parcel and it will be made ready for delivery on the right day. 

This status will also show if we tried to deliver your parcel but had to take it back to the depot.

Left Yodel Depot:

Your parcel was at your local depot but is now on its way to you. This stage can also show as our ‘With Courier/Driver’ status, which is explained below.

With Courier/Driver:

Your parcel is on its final step of its journey and is currently safely in the hands of our delivery driver. If you are expecting a 48 or 72 hour delivery it may not be delivered today – you can check your estimated delivery date in your parcel's tracking.


This means that we have delivered your parcel, either straight to you, to a neighbour or a safe place. The tracking page will tell you where we have delivered your parcel

Estimated Delivery:

This is where you’ll see your estimated delivery day or time.


You’ll see this if your delivery can’t be completed for a number of reasons. For example, it might have been returned to the sender. It’s usually not reversible and we advise you contact the parcel sender if you see this status.


How do I track my parcel?

I'm expecting a delivery, how can I track its status?

You can track your parcel on our website, you’ll need your tracking number and your delivery postcode or get delivery updates on the go and download the Yodel app


What is my parcel ID or tracking number?

Your parcel tracking number is a unique code that allows us to track your parcel. It’s usually between 8 and 20 digits long.

Different senders have different types of codes, here are some examples of what your code may look like:




You should have been sent a parcel number by your sender either when you ordered your goods, when your parcel was dispatched or on the day of delivery.

If we missed you and left a card at your delivery address, there will be an 8-digit reference number printed on there that you can use too.


What if I don’t have a tracking number?

Your sender should have provided you with a tracking number via email or text message. 

If you are unable to find your parcel tracking number, you will need to speak to the sender of the parcel who will be able to help you.


Why is there no tracking against my parcel?

If you have just ordered your goods, it may take a short time for the parcel information to update on our systems. If you have had your parcel number for more than a day and there is no tracking information then please contact the sender to verify your parcel number is correct and that your parcel has been passed over to Yodel.


There has been no tracking update for several days, what should I do?

If there has been no update on your parcel on our tracking page for a couple of days and it has gone beyond the expected delivery date, please get in touch via our Webchat and one of our team will be able to help you.


My tracking looks wrong or isn’t what I expected

It may be that the latest scan about your parcel's delivery has not made it to our system yet. This can take a few minutes. If you are concerned however, please speak to one of our advisors via our Webchat.

If your tracking shows that your parcel is being returned to your sender then you will need to contact your retailer as they have requested that the item be returned to them.


My tracking says delivered but I haven’t received my parcel

Check any potential safe place locations that our driver may have delivered your parcel to, such as a porch, shed, garage or another outbuilding. Your driver may have posted a card through your letterbox advising where they have left your parcel. If you have not received a card and are unable to locate your parcel then get in touch with our team via Webchat.


Can I get a delivery time window?

This depends on the service your sender has chosen

Some of our services offer a two hour delivery window. If you do have a two hour window you will be notified by text and/or email on the delivery day. If not, you currently cannot upgrade your delivery service but don't worry, your parcel should reach you by 9pm on or before your expected delivery date.


Why was my delivery time missed?

We're sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience

Our estimated two hour delivery window is generated by the route the driver will take to deliver all parcels for that day. Sometimes the driver may experience traffic, road closures or deliveries may take longer than usual.


My driver delivered before the time slot I was given

Sometimes the driver may get ahead of schedule and will get to you before the delivery window. Your parcel may have been delivered to a safe place or to a neighbour if you were unable to accept your delivery and you can see this information on our tracking page.


Can I change my delivery time?

Unfortunately, you are unable to change the delivery time window, however if you visit the tracking page, you may be able to call your courier for more information or view your parcel on the driver map, along with a parcel countdown detailing how many parcels will be delivered before your own.

Depending on the service your parcel has been sent on, you may be able to change the delivery date of your parcel, or location it will be delivered to. Head to our tracking page to see what options are available to you.


Can I change my delivery address?

If your parcel hasn't yet reached our network, please speak to the sender of your parcel and they may be able to change the delivery address for you.

You may also be able to change your delivery via our tracking page once your parcel is in our network.

If we have already attempted to deliver your parcel, you may be able to change your delivery address through our tracking page.

Currently you are unable to change the time of your delivery if you have been sent a two hour delivery window.

You may be able to rearrange your delivery day before we attempt to deliver your parcel. Enter your parcel number on our tracking page to see if you are able to amend your delivery date to a day that suits you.

If our driver has already attempted to deliver your parcel, you will be able to rearrange your delivery, using the details on the calling card you will have received.

If you have a green Yodel calling card, please text or call the driver on their mobile number, which is written on the card.

If you have an orange calling card, please use our tracking page to rearrange or collect your parcel.


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