Modern Slavery Act

Yodel Delivery Network Limited is unquestionably committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in its corporate activities, and to ensuring that its supply chains are free from slavery and human trafficking.


Structure of the business

Yodel Delivery Network Limited is an independent parcel carrier operating within the UK. We operate a network of over 50 sites nationwide. The majority of the parcels are received at one of our sort centres where they are sorted and dispatched to our local service centres nationwide, and then loaded for delivery to the final recipient.

Our workforce consists of a combination of employed, self-employed and agency workers depending on local labour conditions and demands of the business.

Continuous Improvement

Yodel are committed to setting a high standard to protect our colleagues and we were the firstparcel carrier to have become a member of the Slave Free Alliance.

Our cross functional working party meet on a regular basis. Through this working party we have built a strong partnership with Slave Free Alliance. We have made positive strides in working through a fully endorsed action plan which is aligned to the recommendations made through our collaboration with Slave Free Alliance, a lot of which are detailed in the following sections.


As part of our commitment to combating slavery and human trafficking, since our last published statement we have reviewed, updated and recommunicated the following policies:

Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

There is a new comprehensive policy document available to all colleagues via our new company intranet and self-employed communication forums. We have updated:

  • the roles and responsibilities within the business
  • procedure for reporting concerns or suspicions of slavery or human trafficking
  • Signposted other relevant policies such as those below


By partnering with a new provider, we have increased the effectiveness and capability of our vetting and screening checks for all our employed and self-employed colleagues, both direct and those engaged through a supplier. Increased capability will allow further levels of document validation prior to engaging with suppliers.

Whistleblowing Policy

We have updated our Whistleblowing Policy to ensure colleagues understand any concerns or suspicion of modern slavery can be reported confidentially and anonymously through this process and we have strengthened the escalation procedure to ensure Executive members are made aware of all whistleblowing investigations.

Recruitment Policy

The Recruitment Policy applies to the recruitment or engagement of all colleagues including employed, self-employed and agency resource. We have refreshed and recommunicated our Recruitment Policy to increase the understanding of the full recruitment/engagement process. This should promote consistency and ensure the minimum standards and appropriate due diligence is followed. This should  help reduce the risk of modern slavery entering our business.

Procurement Policy

All our colleagues now have access to our Procurement Policy which details the guidelines and due diligence expected for the engagement of all suppliers.

Supplier Code of Conduct

In order to do business with Yodel, our suppliers must sign up to Yodel’s standard Code of Conduct. Our suppliers must have robust measures in place to prevent slavery and human trafficking within their businesses and supply chains and provide us with evidence of this.

The wording has been strengthened in both the Code of Conduct and all our supplier agreements to clearly set out the standards of ethical conduct which we expect our suppliers to uphold, including anti-slavery and human trafficking. In addition, we have included a clear requirement to report allegations, investigations or actual incidents in a timely fashion.  

Risk and compliance

Yodel Delivery Network Limited regularly evaluates the risk of slavery and human trafficking occurring in its supply chain through targeted risk management activities and standard procedures. More recently we have developed further audit processes that alert our management teams to potential areas of concern that could signal exploitation, specifically:

  • Quarterly colleague data audits for multiple bank accounts and multi-occupancy addresses
  • Reporting alerts to identify increased or excessive hours, increased parcel volume and increased revenue for all our self-employed colleagues, both directly engaged and engaged through a service provider

Training, Education & Awareness

The cross functional working party referenced above have worked with Slave Free Alliance and Hope for Justice on a number of internal and external awareness campaigns.

We have collaborated with Hope for Justice to create an annual timetable of planned training activities to raise awareness both internally and externally starting with the week leading up to Anti-Slavery Day on 18th October 2020. 

Further actions and sign off

We will continue to work with Slave Free Alliance, the wider membership network and Hope for Justice to take our action plan into the next phase. We have the following exciting activities planned to support our agenda to prevent and tackle slavery and human trafficking.

  1. To provide further training of our Recruitment policy and process to include training on possible signs that an individual could be in an exploitative situation.
  2. Full awareness and training programme for people managers and all new and existing colleagues designed in collaboration with Slave Free Alliance.
  3. Continue to refine our supplier audits to monitor risk levels in relation to modern slavery.
  4. Further development of our Vetting & Screening Process to include Right to Work checking software, document retention and verification process.
  5. Through our collaboration with Slave Free Alliance we will design a bespoke escalation process involving initial response, victim support and advocacy.

This statement relates to the financial year 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020 and was approved by the Board of Directors of Yodel Delivery Network Limited. This statement will be reviewed and updated annually.


Mike Hancox