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Covid-19: An update for you all on the current preparations and decisions we are making here at Yodel.

At Yodel, we have always strived to provide the best possible service. Under the current circumstances, we have reviewed our delivery procedures and have put plans and processes in place to protect our colleagues and our customers, whilst continuing to deliver a great service.

We will issue updates on any changes that you might see to the way we deliver parcels here in the UK and any effect this will have on our International services.

Collecting your parcel

If you would like to arrange to collect your parcel from your local depot then please check current government guidance relating to local travel restrictions before you arrange your collection.

If you have missed three delivery attempts and now need to collect your parcel from your local depot please get in touch with our Customer Service team via Webchat who will be able to help.

Receiving your parcel

We have implemented the following processes to maintain social distancing and provide a contactless delivery experience at the doorstep:

  • For all parcels that do not require a signature and can be left in a safe place, the current safe place policy will be adhered to. Our drivers and couriers are not required to knock on a customer's door if a card has been left for the customer
  • If a customer has used our Inflight 'Manage my Parcel' feature to request a safe place, the process above will be followed
  • If no safe place is available or a signature of Proof of Delivery is required, our drivers and couriers will place the parcel on the customer's doorstep, ring or knock on the customer's door and then where safe to do so, retreat two metres away from the door. When the customer answers the door, they will explain that they are making a delivery and ask the customer for confirmation of their surname. We have created a new dropdown option “Delivered, Handed to Customer”. This will be selected so customers will not need to come into contact with our driver or their device
  • If the customer does not answer the door, we will attempt to deliver to a neighbour. We will follow the standard Deliver to Neighbour delivery process however we will not ask for the neighbour's name but will select the “COVID-19 scan” 
  • If the customer no longer wants to accept their goods, we will then follow the standard refused process by returning the parcel to the local service centre
  • All drivers and couriers have been briefed that under no circumstances should any parcel be left on a doorstep or in public view. A calling card must be used for all deliveries to a safe place or neighbour to keep customers informed

What happens is we're unable to gain access to a school, office or business premises

  • If a parcel is taken out for delivery and on arrival the premises are closed, we will apply a “unable to gain access” scan. We will then return the parcel to our local depot 
  • If the premises were closed due to Coronavirus restrictions, then the parcel will not be held at the local depot but will be returned immediately. 
  • If we believe that a successful delivery can take place within a few days, then the parcel will not be returned e.g. a failed delivery to a supermarket due to the goods inbound being too busy. The service centre will follow the standard process for holding parcels at our local depot then re-attempt

Network Update

Currently, we are still operating as normal across our entire UK network and there are no Service Centre closures. Our wonderful colleagues are working tirelessly to ensure your parcels are delivered to support everyone's attempts to remain at home during this difficult time. In recent weeks, we have seen a surge in parcels coming into our network and we're extremely proud of our colleagues for delivering such high volumes and continuing to deliver with a smile. This week saw our Customer Satisfaction score increase to 93% and some wonderful feedback from customers. We have made some changes to our working to promote colleague and customer safety:

  • Within our operational sites, we have put in measures to allow our colleagues to practice social distancing whilst working. This includes signposting appropriate working distances as outlined by the Government and highlighting these with markings on all operational floors
  • To protect both customers and our front-line workers, we have communicated to all of our workforce that all deliveries should now be considered contactless; there is no requirement for any of our drivers or couriers to hand their device to a customer to obtain a signature. For any parcel delivered that on a service that requires a signature, we have introduced a new process, which allows our drivers and couriers to override this
  • For the foreseeable future, all of our local depot reception areas will be closed to the public. If a customer wishes to collect their parcel from their local depot, they will be directed to a mobile number on a notice posted on the reception entrance door and asked to return to their vehicle. The service centre will then arrange for a colleague to bring the parcel out to the customer's car
  • Our International outbound service continues to operate; however, we are seeing some delays with countries which have restrictions in place, we are continuing to work alongside our partners and will update if and when the situation changes.

Delivering and collecting Collect+ parcels into & from stores

Yodel is working closely with PayPoint to ensure that a consistent process is introduced across the Collect+ network. We are closely monitoring any store closures or any stores that are unable to operate standard hours. If a parcel is impacted by these measures, we will notify the retailer and customer straight away.

Until advised otherwise the following processes will be put in place to adhere to government guidelines for maintaining social distancing:

  • When entering the store our driver will place the parcels in the area nominated by the store representative, the driver will then scan all parcels as per their normal process
  • Our driver will ask the store representative to place all parcels for collection in a location which they are to access without having to have the parcels passed to them. The driver will then scan all the parcels as per their normal process.
  • Where safe to do so, the driver will maintain a distance of 2 meters from the store representative or customers
  • The store representative will be asked for their name and then the driver will enter this into their device
  • The driver will then sign the device as "COVID-19"
  • If the store refuses to accept the parcels, the driver will follow the standard refused process by returning the parcels to the local service centre
  • If the store is closed on arrival, the driver will follow the standard store closed process by returning the parcels to the local service centre
  • If a customer decides that they no longer require their goods, the parcel will be held at the store for a period of 10 days as per the standard process then returned to the retailer

What happens if a parcel arrives into our depot & is addressed to a closed business

  • If a parcel arrives into the service centre and is addressed to a known closed business due to the Coronavirus restrictions, then the parcel will be returned immediately. 

Protecting our workforce

  • We continue to issue regular communications to all of our internal and front-line colleagues based on the latest Government guidelines. We are updating our daily key messages and all sites have regular updates on their information screens and morning de-briefs to ensure our new processes are known and adhered to
  • We have limited all non-essential travel with immediate effect and have instructed all face to face meetings to be switched to Skype meetings
  • Where possible our colleagues are being encouraged to work from home
  • Anyone who is displaying symptoms or lives with someone displaying symptoms, however mild, is encouraged to self-isolate in line with Government guidance
  • We have heavily invested in PPE to protect all operational colleagues, couriers & drivers, and customers

Operational update

  • We are processing parcels as normal with the above precautionary steps now in place
  • We are working closely with all of our suppliers to prepare for a potential drop in number of colleagues to maintain our service
  • We have reached out to all of our preferred cleaning suppliers who have confirmed they have good levels of stock. We have products available in all our sites to maintain good levels of hygiene as we look to protect all of our colleagues as they work.
  • We have also put preparations in place for potential deep cleaning should the need arise following Government guidelines

Sick pay for Yodel employees

  • Our employees will be paid in accordance with their relevant Company Sickness Policy. Employees not eligible for Company Sick Pay will receive Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from day one of absence in-line with recent Government changes

 Additional Information

  • Further information is available on the Government's website here