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It's time to challenge the old way of thinking

The way people shop has changed.  There's now more choice and personal service than ever before.  That's why Yodel think it's time for delivery services to behave in a different way too.  

Take a look at our retailer and shopper insights below.

Are you creating promoters?

How to achieve NPS enhancing customer satisfaction.

Our customer insights programme is helping us work in partnership with retailers to drive their NPS scores up.

Our research has unearthed the formula for success, want to find out what it is?

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Now this is interesting

How customer focused returns can drive loyalty and positive ROI.

Returns channels, cost and time to refund all have a real impact on customer experience and conversion, and new convenient models like ‘try before you buy’ are shaking up the status quo. Here, we explore the factors impacting this fast-growing market.

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Just what you've been looking for

We know what shoppers will pay for annual delivery.

Our research shows that, for retailers to attract customers to annual delivery subscriptions, a price point of £9.99 will drive the most interest and highest subscription revenue.

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